We have a team of specialists of the highest quality in the sectors: health, agriculture, energy and technology, which have the necessary knowledge to develop the projects submitted to our consideration in terms of developing and implementing regenerative agricultural systems, efficiency and sustainability, good agricultural and manufacturing practices and their certifications, as well as in the elaboration of chemical and agricultural research protocols, preparation of the dossier for obtaining sanitary registrations, evaluation of product stability, validation of analytical methods for identification, complying with the highest standards demanded by the industry.

In this sense, we improve the profitability of our projects through the adequate use of resources and the adoption of technologies and systems integration that reduce costs and increase production. We also have extensive experience in environmental project management and in the management of green industry projects.

Likewise, we provide guidance in the implementation of methods and practices (good agricultural practices - GAP - good pre-harvest and post-harvest practices), which allow for the improvement of the integral management of the crop, taking into account modern technology, current methods and contemporary materials, as well as traditional practices that have proven their efficiency and sustainability, for the purpose of improving productivity in the crops, through harvests that comply with quality and hygiene requirements, in order to provide a better service to the consumers.

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